Jang Na Ra Thankful for SBS: ‘They Helped Me Meet My Husband’

Jang Na Ra expressed her gratitude towards broadcast network SBS as she returns with the new K-drama “Good Partner.”

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Amid her K-drama comeback, the South Korean top star mentioned her husband and recalled her first time meeting her. 

During the press conference for the upcoming series, Jang Na Ra dishes on the start of her relationship and how SBS played a big role in it. 

When asked about her return to the network, the actress said that she “couldn’t be happier” to be with SBS again. 

To recall, her last K-drama with the network was the 2019 series “V.I.P.” with Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Chung Ah, Kwak Sun Young, and Pyo Ye Jin. 

Speaking of the romance series, Jang Na Ra also mentioned her husband when she talked about her return to SBS. 

Jang Na Ra Recalls Meeting her Husband Through SBS

Other than showcasing a unique character through Na Jung Sun, Jang Na Ra said that she was able to meet the amazing team behind “V.I.P.”, which also includes her now-husband. 

Jang Na Ra
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“Through ‘V.I.P.,’ I got to try a new style of acting, and I met a really great director, cinematographer, and team. On top of that, I even got married.”

Expressing her great affection for the network, the actress added, “I consider them my benefactors. Long live SBS.”

Jang Na Ra’s husband is a cinematographer who worked as part of the video production and handled the SBS series. 

In 2022, she revealed surprising news after announcing that she was engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend. 

“After dating this good friend of mine, who is six years younger than me and works in video production, for the past two years, we have finally made a promise of a partnership in life.”

The top star also shared that, apart from his sweet smile, what made her fall in love was “his kindness, his earnest integrity, and most of all, the way he carried himself as he poured his heart into his work.”

In June of the same year, Jang Na Ra walked down the aisle as they held a private wedding ceremony. 

Together with the couple’s family and relatives, guests also include their friends and acquaintances from the industry. 

Park Kyung Rim, who is Jang Na Ra’s best friend, hosted the wedding, while singer Lee Soo Young sang the congratulatory song.

In addition to this, “V.I.P.” co-stars Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Chung Ah, Shin Jae Ha, Jung Tae Woo, and Park In Hwan also attended the ceremony. 

Jang Na Ra New Drama: Where to watch ‘Good Partner’?

Gearing up for the highly anticipated K-dramaGood Partner, “Good Partner” will officially premiere on July 12 with 12 episodes throughout the season. 

Good Partner
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Jang Nara, which also stars Nam Ji Hyun, P.O., and Kim Joon Han, airs every Friday and Saturday via SBS, Viki, and Wavve.