Jang Won-young’s “Lucky Vicky” & “Won-young’s Thinking” Become Viral Even Among The Public

“Won-young’s Thinking” refers to the way of thinking in which we approach any situation by replacing unsavory incidents with positive thoughts. It’s a new word and meme derived from Jang Won-young’s extraordinary positive attitude.

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It began with a video of Jang Won-young’s trip to Spain. Back then, she had to wait at a bakery until they made new bread because the bread she wanted to buy had been sold out. Despite having to wait, Jang Won-young was very happy because she got to buy new bread. She even exclaimed, “I guess the goddess of luck is on my side”.

jang won young

In another video, Jang Won-young came last in a game, but she still enjoyed the feeling of being first from the back, presenting a very positive and optimistic attitude.

Jang Won-young’s attitude of accepting situations where she could complain as something good in another aspect was called “Won-young’s Thinking”. It spread quickly from within the fandom to the public through online communities and received explosive responses.

Jang Won-young’s nickname “Lucky Vicky” is also arousing keen interest. “Lucky Vicky” is an English term that combines “luck” and Jang Won-young’s English name “Vicky”. 

“Won-young’s Thinking” and “Lucky Vicky” became very viral, and they have been mentioned in many unexpected places such as in companies and among politicians.

Jang Won Young

At Amorepacific’s ‘Ayunchae’ rebranding special seminar, “Won-young’s Thinking” was introduced by a guest speaker. A pizza brand even referred to “Won-young’s Thinking” directly in a tweet to promote their event. In addition, Seongdong-gu District Office’s Head Jung Won-oh and the professional baseball team Doosan Bears also drew attention when they used the “Lucky Vicky” meme.

When asked about her feelings knowing “Won-young’s Thinking” becoming popular, Jang Won-young shared, “I felt so grateful that other people seem to be looking at what I did with affectionate eyes and interest. If ‘Won-young’s Thinking’ could boost someone’s positive energy for a while, I also consider it great luck for me”.