Jang Wonyoung participates as the sole lyricist for IVE’s b-side song “OTT”

Singer Jang Wonyoung participated as the sole lyricist for a song in the new album of her group IVE (An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, Leeseo)

IVE’s agency Starship Entertainment released the tracklist image for the group’s first mini-album “I’VE MINE” through IVE’s official channels on September 10th.

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According to the tracklist, the album contains triple title songs including “Baddie”, “Off The Record” and “Either Way”. There are a total of 6 tracks including triple title songs as well as “Holy Moly”, “OTT” and “Payback”.

In particular, Jang Wonyoung participated as the sole lyricist for the b-side song “OTT”, proving her musical ability has grown to the next level. Jang Wonyoung previously proved her musical versatility by participating in writing lyrics for the songs “Mine” and “Shine With Me” in IVE’s first full-length album “I’ve IVE”.

ive  jang won young

“I’VE MINE” is an album that shows the image of unpredictable infinite expansion while maintaining the unique color that IVE has shown so far. Through triple title songs “Baddie”, “Off The Record” and “Either Way”, the album is expected to reveal a variety of sides of “me” seen from various perspectives.

IVE, which announced their triple title song activities, will pre-release “Either Way” on September 25th and “Off The Record” on October 6th. They will then release their first mini-album “I’VE MINE” along with the title song “Baddie” on October 13th.

Source: Daum