Jay Park Named Gucci’s New Global Brand Ambassador

Gucci has selected Jay Park as their next global brand ambassador 

Debuting in 2008, Jay Park has been active as a singer-songwriter, dancer, and producer, winning various awards at the Korean Hip-Hop Awards. Since 2013, he has dedicated significant efforts to the popularization of hip-hop and R&B in Korea by establishing hip-hop/R&B labels such as AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC, and MORE VISION.

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This May, Jay Park attended the Gucci 2024 Cruise Fashion Show and has since been a part of the brand’s different projects, showcasing his presence in the fashion field.

Expressing his anticipation for the new beginning with Gucci as a global ambassador, Jay Park said, “Gucci is a brand with over 100 years of history, always evolving in an innovative and unique way. It is an honor to be with Gucci.

Gucci also conveyed great delight and excitement for the journey ahead with Jay Park.