Jennie agency’s official statement


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-Jennie, fighting!!

-Do other indoor smokers not apologize?

-So, before it became a public issue, they didn’t think it was a problem? That’s even more concerning…

-What else can she do? She acknowledged what she did wrong and apologized to the staff.

-The company handled it well. Acknowledgement and a quick apology, good job.

-Some celebrities don’t apologize and just move on anyway…

-If she hadn’t been caught, she probably wouldn’t have apologized. Since she got caught, she apologized quickly, but anyway, seeing her smoking indoor is quite disappointing.

-She apologized, so that’s settled. Why stir up more trouble?

-Can’t she apologize in person?

-I wonder how the editor feels…

-If she apologized, it should be enough, people really criticize too much.

-And what about the person who edited the vlog…?