‘Jennie Effect’ Earned Tamburins’ Biggest Crowd Ever

The influence of Jennie is truly undeniable

In recent days, the BLACKPINK fan community has been eagerly anticipating Jennie’s collaboration with Tamburins, a renowned K-Beauty brand developed by Gentle Monster. Previously, images from Tamburins’ “THE DAY OF SORCERESS” campaign featuring Jennie also created a buzz on social media.

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jennie blackpink
Jennie captivates with her alluring figure and sophisticated charm in promotional images for the Tamburins campaign.

Living up to her status as one of the top fashion icons in the current Kbiz scene, Jennie consistently brings explosive effects to the brands she collaborates with. Specifically, on the opening day alone, the BLACKPINK member’s popularity led crowds to line up in the -3°C cold in South Korea early in the morning to purchase products from this campaign. With such a strong start, many believe that Tamburins’ products will soon sell out in the coming days.

jennie blackpink
Crowds braving the freezing weather to queue up for products from the collaboration between Jennie and Tamburins.
jennie blackpink
Many young people take check-in photos with Jennie’s images at the store.

It is known that the products from the collaboration between Jennie and Tamburins include perfume, lip balm, hand cream, and scented candles with various fragrances. Notably, the unique and impressive egg-shaped design, previously teased by Jennie on her Instagram, is the highlight of this collection. Moreover, the brand also includes limited quantities of charming pearl straps as a gift, allowing buyers to transform them into a stylish bag, resembling the style of the idol.

jennie blackpink
Earlier, Jennie promoted the unique and adorable egg-shaped design with pearl straps from the collection

Source: K14

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