Jennie Kim’s and G-Dragons relationship confirmed??

Jennie Kim’s and G-Dragons relationship confirmed??

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Once again, theories of BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim and former BigBang member, G-Dragon (also known as Ji-Yong) relationship has resurfaced. Before BLACKPINK’s debut, Jennie was already in contact with G-Dragon as she was featured in BigBangs Music Video ‘THAT XX” in 2012. In 2013, Jennie was featured in the song ‘BLACK’ by G-Dragon.

From there, the public was already informed of their close relationship however Jennie x G-Dragon enthusiasts were let down when Jennie’s and EXO member, Kai, were confirmed dating in January 2018. This relationship was broken off in 2019 and speculations around Jennie and G-Dragon slowly returned. 

The suspected couple are seen matching several times such as their clothes and jewellery.

On top of that, they go to the same art museums and G-Dragon was also seen visiting Jennie’s house in LA.

Now onto 2024, Despite G-dragon not following ZICO on Instagram or having any sort of relationship with him, it was noticed that he liked a post that included Jennie in it.

It’s clear that both of them have some sort of relationship but YG entertainment are yet to make any statement and neither have Galaxy Corporation or ODDATELIER made a comment either.