Jennie made a mistake establishing her own company?

It is a known fact Blackpink jennie is the first blackpink member to establish her entertainment label to focus on her solo career but it seems like jennie made a mistake by establishing her own company as she doesn’t seem to be ready for the responsibility that comes with establishing her label. 

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It is been months since Oddatelier website has been down and still it has been not fixed 

Many fans are also complaining about how jennie’s public relations team is so low and how jennie’s social media manager doesn’t know how to manage all the company’s social media accounts. 

Fans also claim jennie’s team is always on vacation mode instead of working 

Oddatelier also ignored jennie’s china bar when they tried to contact jennie’s team regarding jennie’s upcoming solo album 

Here are some of fans reaction to jennie’s “useless” team as fans claim