Jennie Makes Model Debut in Daring Dress “Holding Hands with Shin Hyun-ji”

On June 10th (local time), Jacquemus’ “LA CASA” cruise collection show was held on Capri Island, Italy. Jacquemus, who revealed images of Jennie with an orange towel draped over her just before the show, drew attention by having her as the finale model on the runway.

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Jennie walked the runway in a daring black backless dress that revealed her side bust line. With her hair neatly tied back and makeup highlighting her complexion, Jennie exuded charisma comparable to professional models.

Blackpink jennie fashion

In particular, during the show, Jennie went past top model Shin Hyun-ji, with whom she is known to be close friends. At that moment, Shin Hyun-ji exchanged glances with Jennie and gently held her hand.

Jennie, who closed the runway, hugged designer Jacquemus warmly as he ran towards her, smiling afterward.

Netizens reacted with comments such as “She even nails the catwalk“, “Congratulations on your model debut, Jennie“, “She’s truly beautiful” and “Perfect without any flaws.”

Jennie previously attended Jacquemus’ collection in Hawaii in 2022. She has shown off her friendship with the designer by wearing Jacquemus’ outfits in daily life and photoshoots. This time, her debut as a model, rather than just attending the collection, made headlines.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Jennie featured in Zico’s new song “SPOT!” released on April 26th.