Jeon Do Yeon Fashion: ‘Revolver’ Star Joins the ‘Office Siren’ Trend With THIS Look

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Jeon Do Yeon delivered a girl boss vibe during the “revolver” press conference.

Along with the star-studded cast, the award-winning actress graces the stage with a commanding presence, together with co-stars Ji Chang Wook, Lim Ji Yeon, and director Oh Seung Uk.

Other than their behind-the-scenes stories and experience filming the movie, the 51-year-old actress stole the spotlight with her viral “office siren” look.

Netizens can’t help but notice Jeon Do Yeon’s fashion style at the press conference.

While fellow female co-star Lim Ji Yeon showed off more skin with her sultry outfit, the veteran actress chose a more modest yet head-turning style.

On social media sites like X, formerly Twitter, fans pointed out how stylish Jeon Do Yeon is at the event.


Jeon Do Yeon’s ‘Office Siren’ Look at the ‘Revolver’ Press Conference

Making heads turn with her all-black ensemble, Jeon Do Yeon jumps on the bandwagon and is spotted donning the viral TikTok “office siren” trend.

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

The style speaks to professionalism while channeling feminine energy in the work environment.

In short, it is the 2024 take on the 90’s SexyTary look.

To ace the “office siren” trend, key items include pencil skirts, kitten heels, simple yet bold accessories, bayonetta glasses, and a chic bag, but as for Jeon Do Yeon, she wore a straight out of the runway outfit from Tom Ford.

Per report, her look was from Tom Ford’s 2024 spring/summer collection.

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Tom Ford via MT Korea)

The black ruffled longsleeve blouse retails at 2,490 USD, while the pencil leather skirt with ruffle hem detail costs 4,250 USD.

As for the crocodile leather sandals, they are valued at 1,790 USD, making Jeon Do Yeon’s overall look during the press conference cost a total of 8,530 USD.

Jeon Do Yeon Impressed by Ji Chang Wook’s Performance in ‘Revolver’

At the press conference, Lim Ji Yeon and Ji Chang Wook were vocal about being slightly intimidated working alongside top actresses like Jeon Do Yeon.

Revolver Press Conference
(Photo : Dispatch)

Interestingly, the South Korean hero revealed that as they managed to get to know each other on the set, the veteran actress made him feel comfortable.

Meanwhile, Jeon Do Yeon admitted that she was blown away by Ji Chang Wook’s acting skills.

According to the actress, the 37-year-old actor is more than just his handsome face.

“While working on this movie, I realized how little I knew about Chang Wook. Let me be honest with you here. I feel like his acting skills have been overshadowed by his good looks,” she said, adding that the actor “constantly” surprised her during their filming by delivering stunning performances.