Jeon Do Yeon’s Bold Transformation for Her Spine-Chilling Movie ‘Revolver’ Raises Anticipation

Jeon Do Yeon is about to grace the big screen with “Revolver” and her bold acting transformation is already raising anticipation. 

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Keep on reading to know more updates about the actress’ upcoming film.

Jeon Do Yeon Turns Into Ex-Convict in Crime Movie ‘Revolver’

“Revolver” is a crime-thriller movie that follows the story of Soo Young (Jeon Do Yeon), a former police officer who was accused of crimes and was sent to prison, and moves forward with only one goal after being released. 

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

Jeon Do Yeon, who has unrivaled character digestion in numerous works, will show a new face that the audience has not seen yet through her forthcoming big screen project “Revolver.”

On July 1, the movie’s production released stills, the actress appears to have been perfectly immersed in Soo Young’s character in her own way, including the empty eyes and face and the eagerness she has to fulfill her mission. 

In addition, external aspects that immediately show Soo Young’s mental change after completing two years of imprisonment are also noticeable.

The award-winning actress said:

“I thought about how I could show a slightly different side of myself.”

She also shared her concerns about exhibiting the extent of change between the past and present, such as new hairstyles and costumes. 

Jeon Do Yeon’s Bold Acting Transformation Raises Anticipation

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

Director Oh Seung Wook commented about his new script.

“I penned the narrative of the protagonist with a heart of steel, while thinking about Jeon Do Yeon’s dignity and tremendous ability to empathize with others.”

He revealed Soo Young’s character that only Jeon Do Yeon can express. 

The “Crash Course in Romance” star said:

“I don’t think I’ve ever acted with such an appearance and emotion.”

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

Director Oh commented:

“I discovered a new face for Jeon Do Yeon, and those words were very refreshing.”

He added that it was the most dry and cold face that the actress can show. The sneak peek of Jeon Do Yeon’s transformation already raises anticipation. 

“‘Revolver’ contains Jeon Do Yeon’s face that has never been revealed before. She is a veteran actress who instinctively points out the main points of a scene clearly.”

The director further said. He has worked with the actress twice after the movie “The Shameless.”

It also showed the extraordinary trust he has for the seasoned actress. 

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

Jeon Do Yeon, on the other hand, expressed her affection for her new character.

“I liked the bold thoughts and appearances of ‘Keep my promise about my time.’ Soo Young is a person who knows how to create her own life. From a deep sense of loss to anger towards those who have betrayed her, we plan to apply multiple layers of emotions on an expressionless face.”

“Revolver” is scheduled to hit the cinemas beginning August 7. 

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