Jeon Hye Jin Finally Confirmed To Return 6 Months After Lee Sun Kyun’s Passing

Jeon Hye Jin is set for her K-drama comeback, six months after the death of her husband, Lee Sun Kyun.

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According to a media outlet, the actress is confirmed to headline the upcoming K-drama, “Riding Life.”

Jeon Hye Jin To Make Small Screen Return With ‘Riding Life’

Following the tragic incident that Jeon Hye Jin’s family experienced in 2023, she will be returning to the small screen with an interesting project. Her last K-drama was “Not Others” in 2023, where she co-starred with Choi Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation.

Jeon Hye Jin
Jeon Hye Jin

Jeon Hye Jin’s agency, Hodoo & U Entertainment, also confirmed the actress’ upcoming project, titled “Riding Life.”

“We ask that you show lots of anticipation and support for Jeon Hye Jin, who is preparing to greet viewers with a new project.”

The soon-to-be released K-drama depicts various relationships and connections among family members.

Interestingly, the “Riding Life” release date is expected to join forthcoming K-dramas in 2025.

As mentioned, Jeon Hye Jin starred in “Not Others,” where she played as the mother to Sooyoung’s character.

Not Others
Not Others poster

In addition to this, her big screen comeback, “Mission: Cross,” is also set for release following the postponement of the movie due to Lee Sun Kyun’s passing.

On December 27, the public was shocked after hearing the passing of the actor, best known globally for his appearance in the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite.”

The tragic incident happened amid the investigation into his alleged drug use.

Prior to this, Lee Sun Kyun’s wife Jeon Hye Jin reported his disappearance to the police. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 48. His body was found inside his car, parked in a parking lot in central Seoul.

A charcoal briquette, which was commonly used in suicide via carbon monoxide poisoning, was found in the passenger seat.

Lee Sun Kyun, Jeon Hye Jin Loses Brand Deals

Before Lee Sun Kyun’s death, the celebrity couple faced backlash from brands due to the actor’s alleged involvement in drugs.

Jeon Hye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun
(Photo : Jeon Hye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun)

At the time, different brands, like SK Telecom, dropped their endorsement activities. A health supplement brand also did the same thing and stopped airing the endorsements featuring the celebrity couple.

At the same time, reports cited that they might face financial repercussions due to a breach of contract.

Pop culture critic and commentator Kim Heon Sik told YTN News that the advertising industry was the one that was very active when it came to their celebrities experiencing negative issues.

“Lee Sun Gyun is popular in the ad industry due to his commendable image. Consequently, the fallout from this situation will be massive and likely affect his future film roles.”