Jeon Hye Jin’s ‘Mission: Cross’ Gets Green Light After Postponement Amid Lee Sun Kyun’s Death

The upcoming movie “Mission: Cross,” which stars Jeon Hye Jin, gets the seal of approval for its much-awaited release.

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‘Mission: Cross’ Release Date To Premiere This 2024

According to a report by a news outlet, “Mission Cross” is scheduled to be released this year.

Mission: Cross
Hwang Jung Min

The film, headlined by Hwang Jung Min and Yum Jung Ah, will premiere in the second week of September 2024. The new schedule aligns with the Chuseok holiday, a tradition celebrated by families in South Korea.

It can be recalled that the release of “Mission: Cross” was temporarily halted to mourn the untimely passing of Jeon Hye Jin’s husband, Lee Sun Kyun.

Originally, the action-comedy movie was slated to hit theaters in February, during the Lunar New Year holiday, but had to be pushed back following the devastating news.

Jeon Hye Jin
Jeon Hye Jin

Jeon Hye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun
Jeon Hye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun

Helmed by Lee Myung Hoon, it depicts the story of a former agent named Kang Moo (Hwang Jung Min) who wants to conceal his past from his wife.

Now that he is the man of the house, his wife, Mi Sun (Yum Jung Ah), an ace detective, misreads the signs and thinks that Kang Moo is hiding something from her. Due to this, she is eager to find her husband’s dirty little secret.

Joining “Mission: Cross” is Jeon Hye Jin, who plays a significant role as Hee Joo.

Other than the trio, the upcoming movie will also feature a roster of talented stars, including Kim Joo Heon, Jung Man Sik, and more.

Interestingly, viewers are also looking forward to Hwang Jung Min and Yeon Jung Ah’s on-screen chemistry as they play as a couple.

[TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide, Drugs]

Lee Sun Kyun’s Passing

Meanwhile, this also raises curiosity about Jeon Hye Jin’s return to films and series after her husband’s passing.

Lee Sun Kyun, who was questioned on suspicion over drug use, claimed that he mistakenly consumed drugs, thinking they were sleeping pills.

As the police intensified the investigation, Lee Sun Kyun was found dead on December 27 inside his car, parked at nearby Waryong Park in central Seoul.

Jeon Hye Jin, Lee Sun Kyun
Lee Sun Kyun

Meanwhile, months after his passing, widowed Jeon Hye Jin is slated to return to the big screen with an upcoming movie, “Mission: Cross.”

She will also potentially return with a family drama, as she is in talks to headline “I’m Home,” a series about people who become family despite not being related by blood.

Joining her are Yoo Seung Ho, Na Moon Hee, and Lee Sung Min.

“I’m Home” will be directed by Ra Ha Na of “Green Mothers’ Club.”

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