Jeon Jong Seo Defended By Classmates Against Bullying Issue: ‘She’s Not Like That’

Jeon Jong Seo has been the talk of the town this week in various online communities after the Hallyu superstar was involved in a school violence scandal.

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Following the official statement of ANDMARQ, the actress’ company, Jeon Jong Seo’s former schoolmates came to her defense. Read on to know more.

Jeon Jong Seo Defended By Schoolmates Against Bullying Issue

While Jeon Jong Seo’s name continued to be involved in a string of issues, a post was made online in her defense.

Jeon Jong Seo
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On April 5, the actress’ former schoolmate anonymously shared their experiences with Jeon Jong Seo in hopes to clarify the issues circulating online.

Earlier this week, Jeon Jong Seo was accused of verbally and physically abusing her schoolmates in the past. The actress denied the allegations through her company.

However, the public is still divided. In a newly posted discussion in Nate Pann, Jeon Jong Seo’s schoolmate, A, expressed their anger regarding the issue.

Jeon Jong Seo Defended By Classmates Against Bullying Issue: ‘She’s Not Like That’
(Photo : Nate Pann)

“Jeon Jong Seo was a genuine friend who was friendly with everyone. She wouldn’t harm others,” A posted. “I’m so angry about the circulating issues so I needed to step forward.”

In addition, A stated that Jeon Jong Seo never showed any violent behavior. She also didn’t have a habit of stealing money, insisting that the actress was “always well-behaved.”

Jeon Jong Seo
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The original poster also revealed that Jeon Jong Seo did well in school, and was never called to the office. Meanwhile, A proved their connection by publicly sharing their diploma.

ANDMARQ To Take Legal Actions To Protect Jeon Jong Seo

On April 4, ANDMARQ released an official statement regarding Jeon Jong Seo’s school violence scandal.

The agency denied all allegations, stating that everything was false information after a thorough fact-checking. It was also revealed that the accuser refused to talk to the company representatives.

Jeon Jong Seo
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ANDMARQ asked the public to refrain from talking about the false allegations as it could perpetuate fake news against Jeon Jong Seo.

In addition, they will take legal actions to protect the actress from serious harm to Jeon Jong Seo. The company promises to continue to uphold the actress’ honor and rights.

Jeon Jong Seo
(Photo : My Company’s Instagram / W Korea)

With that said, ANDMARQ expects everyone to continue supporting Jeon Jong Seo now that the issues have been cleared.

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