Jeon Jong Seo Gets Candid About Romantic Relationship With Boyfriend,Director

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Jeon Jong Seo did not shy away from talking about her relationship with director Lee Chung Hyun.

During her appearance on the YouTube show “Psick Univ,” hosts Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Yong Ju, and Kim Min Su asked about the actress’ romantic status with the filmmaker whom she met during the filming of her movie “The Call.”

In the video, comedian Lee Yong Ju described Jeon Jong Seo’s boyfriend as Jun, a “really fine guy,” and with this, the actress gave the hosts permission to ask her anything referring to their relationship.

Jeon Jong Seo on Dating Director Lee Chung Hyun

According to the actress, she and Lee Chung Hyun were together for years and mentioned that they have been open about it since the start.

Jeon Jong Seo, Ballerina Director Lee Chung Hyun

(Photo : Netflix, Lee Chung Hyun Instagram)
Jeon Jong Seo Relationship 2023: Is ‘Ballerina’ Star Finally Marrying Director Lee Chung Hyun?

She then dishes on the start of their romance after starring in the horror movie, directed by Lee Chung Hyun.

“We did ‘The Call’ together and then started dating. A year into our relationship, we had this connection,” she said, adding that they once again did a collaboration in the Netflix movie “Ballerina,” where the actress played the main character, Jang Ok Ju.

Since they have two projects together, the actress revealed what it’s like to work with your romantic partner.

“I don’t like it when he calls me by my name on the set. Whenever he does that, I ask him, ‘Can you not call me like that?'” Jeon Jong Seo explained, adding that directors add “nim” after the actor’s name as a form of formality or respect on the set.

However, the actress revealed that Lee Chung Hyun “doesn’t care about this kind of thing.”

As for petty quarrels, the actress revealed that they seldom fight on the set or because of work, and the reason behind it is that they are both “really exhausted all the time.”

Of course, she and the director also fight like a normal couple, but on moments like this, it usually happens during their time off, expressing that they keep things professional at work or on set.

A Look Back at Jeon Jong Seo and Lee Chung Hyun’s Relationship

As mentioned by the actress, they developed romantic feelings while working together in “The Call.”

The news broke in December 2021 after the couple confirmed their status.

As mentioned by a media outlet, Jeon Jong Seo’s agency, My Company, made the announcement and confirmed that she is dating director Lee Chung Hyun.

It was followed by an interview with the director, where he mentioned that they “became naturally interested in each other while filming ‘The Call.'”

The Call

(Photo : My Company Official Instagram)

Moreover, he also shared that their acquaintances knew about their dating relationship.

Other than the two movies directed by Jeon Jong Seo’s boyfriend, the actress headlined “Money Heist: Korea” and the upcoming K-drama “Queen Woo” and “Wedding Impossible.”