Jeon Jong Seo In Talks to Star in New Drama ‘Genie House’

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Jeon Jong Seo might be starring in multiple projects as the actress is selected to star in the upcoming K-drama “Genie House.”

Following her successful series like “Money Heist: Korea” and her first rom-com K-drama, “Wedding Impossible,” the 29-year-old actress is set for another project.

Jeon Jong Seo is Offered to Star in ‘Genie House’

In an exclusive report cited by Ten Asia, Jeon Jong Seo is offered to headline the 16-part episode of the new drama “Genie House.”

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She is chosen to play the character of Tak Hyo Jin, who is trying to start an online fashion shopping mall.

The upcoming series depicts the story of young people who are chasing their dreams despite struggles in life.

As for the co-stars and director helming the series, officials are yet to announce who will be joining Jeon Jong Seo in the upcoming K-drama.

Meanwhile, if the actress officially accepts the offer, “Genie House” will be her next series after “Queen Woo” and “Project Y.”

Jeon Jong Seo Teams Up With Ji Chang Wook and Han So Hee in 2 New Dramas

As mentioned, the 29-year-old actress is booked and busy with upcoming K-dramas in 2024.

Among her upcoming projects is the historical K-drama “Queen Woo,” where she plays the titular role, Woo Hee, a queen of Goguryeo who ends up marrying her husband’s sibling after he died.

'Queen Woo' Script Reading Event
(Photo : TVING Official)

Helmed by “Oh! My Gran” director Jung Se Gyo and “The Royal Traitor” screenwriter Lee Byung Hak, “Queen Woo” also features Ji Chang Wook and Kim Moo Yeol as lead stars.

In addition to this, the series also showcases a stellar cast lineup, with Lee Jong Suk, Jung Woo Mi, Park Ji Wan, Jo Han Chul, and more joining the lineup.

Fans will get to see the on-screen chemistry of Jeon Jong Seo and Ji Chang Wook as “Queen Woo” premieres on August 20, 2024, via TVING.

As mentioned, Jeon Jong Seo also stars in the new drama series “Project Y” with Han So Hee.

After teasing netizens with their social media interactions, drama officials have confirmed that the duo will be headlining an upcoming K-drama.

In an upcoming noir drama set in Seoul’s Gangnam district, Jeon Jong Seo teams up with Han So Hee as they portray two friends whose mission is to

steal 8 billion KRW, or 5.8 million USD worth of gold bars.

“Project Y” will be directed by Lee Hwan, who is the genius behind the films “Park Hwa Young” and “Young Adult Matters.”

Per reports, Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo’s new drama will begin production in the second half of 2024.

With this confirmation, fans are thrilled to see the two K-drama beauties in one project.