Jeon Jong Seo Update 2023: ‘Ballerina,’ ‘Queen Woo,’ More To Anticipate From Hallyu Star

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Jeon Jong Seo has dominated both the home theaters and the silver screens with great works every year since she made her debut.

From “The Call” to “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” and now, “Ballerina,” the Hallyu superstar showed nothing but her gravity-defying skills and immersive performances.

What’s next for the actress after her Netflix comeback with “Ballerina”? Here’s what we know so far. Keep on reading.

Jeon Jong Seo Dominates Global Scene With ‘Ballerina’

Earlier this October, Jeon Jong Seo made her much awaited action drama comeback with the film “Ballerina.”

'Ballerina' Poster

(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)
Jeon Jong Seo

She transformed into a bodyguard who set out on a dangerous chase with a serial killer to avenge the death of her best friend, a ballerina who died at the hands of a notorious syndicate.

Since her debut, Jeon Jong Seo has proven her skills in her highly acclaimed works, which cemented her name in the South Korean cinema.

'Ballerina' Stills

(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)
Jeon Jong Seo

Within weeks, “Ballerina” has dominated the Netflix Global Charts of non-English films. It also received more than 17 million viewing hours as of this writing.

It also entered the Top 10 list in 98 countries including South Korea, Canada, Germany, France, Brazil, the Philippines, Japan and more.

Have you seen “Ballerina” yet? Check it out now on Netflix with English subtitles.

Jeon Jong Seo To Lead Period Piece ‘Queen Woo’

Following the completion of “Ballerina,” Jeon Jong Seo jumps onto another high scale work, challenging herself with the historical romance genre.

Ji Chang Wook, Jeon Jong Seo

(Photo : Elle Korea Official)

This time, Jeon Jong Seo couples with Ji Chang Wook in the upcoming drama “Queen Woo,” where she takes on the titular role of Goguryeo’s Queen Woo Hee.

The drama tells the struggles of the matriarch as five large tribes join forces in coming after the royal throne after the king passes away.

Jeon Jong Seo is expected to showcase her firm yet feminine side as Woo Hee, the queen who possesses great beauty and loyalty to her husband, Go Nam Mu, played by Ji Chang Wook.

'Queen Woo' Script Reading Event

(Photo : TVING Official)

She is expected to keepsafe the throne from the people who plan to seize their bloodline for power and personal gains. “Queen Woo” marks the actress’ first-ever historical series, which raises the tension and excitement for her transformation.

Moreover, attention is given to Jeon Jong Seo and Ji Chang Wook’s synergy as they couple up for the very first time.

Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Soo Hyuk, Park Ji Hwan and more also join the crew to further strengthen the work. Filming began after the casting lineup was finalized.

Jeon Jong Seo

(Photo : Esquire Korea Official)

With that said, “Queen Woo” is expected to be released in the early half of 2024 via TVING. Stay tuned for more updates on the drama.