Jeon Somi Ultimate Ideal Type Revealed— Prepare to Be Surprised

During her guest appearance on the YouTube show “Psick Univ” on October 29th, Jeon Somi, known for her departure from conventional celebrity crushes, opened up about her ideal type, revealing a penchant for a fictional character rather than a real-life celebrity.

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Somi’s Street Comedy: A Sweet Adventure Turns into a Hilarious Encounter with a Bold Stranger in Hongdae!

Adding a touch of humor to her revelation, Somi recounted a recent street encounter while on a sweet treat adventure in Hongdae with her sister.

Despite attempting to conceal her identity behind a hat and mask, an unknown man boldly approached her, expressing interest and requesting her phone number.

Jeon Somi

(Photo : Instagram)
Jeon Somi

The unexpected encounter left Somi taken aback, especially when the persistent stranger failed to recognize her after she removed her mask, commenting on her exotic appearance.

Somi’s Resolute Stand: A Firm ‘Absolutely Not’ as K-pop Star Sets Boundaries in the Face of Hypothetical Advances!

When posed with the hypothetical scenario of a different response from the stranger, Somi firmly declared, “Absolutely not,” emphasizing her commitment to personal boundaries.

Delving further into her preferences, the K-pop sensation disclosed that she admires “manly men” and singled out the fictional character Thor as her ideal type, placing him above the actor who brings the character to life, Chris Hemsworth.

Somi’s Dating Dose of Humor: A Light-hearted Instagram Live Response to Relationship Queries!

Adding a quirky touch to her personal revelations, Jeon Somi, in a recent Instagram live session, addressed queries about her dating life with humor.

Jeon Somi

(Photo : Instagram)
Jeon Somi

When a fan curiously inquired about her relationship status, Somi playfully responded, “If I were dating someone, I wouldn’t be eating undercooked pasta by myself,” injecting a lighthearted note into her disclosure about her current lifestyle.

Jeon Somi & Chungha’s Mysterious Gathering- Is an IOI Comeback in the Works? 

Meanwhile, Jeon Somi and Chungha, two former members of the popular girl group I.O.I, recently gave fans a heartwarming glimpse into their enduring friendship in the latest episode of Somi’s vlog series, SOM-THING.

The episode, which marked Somi’s seventh installment, not only captured the camaraderie between the two soloists but also shed light on the strong bond that still exists among the members of I.O.I.

Jeon Somi

(Photo : Youtube)
Jeon Somi

In the episode, Jeon Somi welcomed Chungha to her home, where the two spent quality time catching up and reminiscing about their I.O.I days.

Later in the day, Weki Meki’s Yoojung, another former I.O.I member, joined the gathering, making it a mini-reunion of sorts.

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