Jeon Yeo Been’s Age-Defying Transformation in “A Time Called You” Stuns Viewers

34-year-old Jeon Yeo Been effortlessly slips into the role of a high school student in the new drama “A Time Called You.”

Jeon Yeo Been’s portrayal of Kwon Min Joo, a young highschooler, at the age of 34, is nothing short of impressive. Despite her age, she manages to capture the essence of youth with remarkable authenticity.

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A Time Called You

“A Time Called You” has garnered substantial attention from viewers, even though it faces the formidable shadow of the original hit Taiwanese series “Someday or One Day.” 

jeon yeo bin

What sets the female lead Jeon Yeo Been apart is her dual role in the drama. She seamlessly transitions between playing the mature Han Jun Hee and the youthful Kwon Min Joo. Nevertheless, she exudes the youthful charm required to bring Kwon Min Joo’s character to life during her school days.

jeon yeo bin

“A Time Called You” unfolds an engaging love story, focusing on Han Jun Hee, a young woman grappling with the pain of losing her boyfriend, Koo Yeon Jun. In an unexpected twist, she finds herself transported back to 1998 and encounters Nam Si Heon, who bears a striking resemblance to her lost love, Koo Yeon Jun.

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