Jessi After Being Rejected By BamBam, “I’m upset. I’m not dating you either!”

Singer Jessi choked up at GOT7 BamBam’s rejection.

On October 27th, a video was uploaded on BamBam’s YouTube channel “Bam House” featuring Jessi as a guest.

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In this video, BamBam asked Jessi a question about her relationship. Jessi replied, “I’ve been in a lot of relationships. If I’m in a relationship, I will do it for a long time, but if I don’t want to date somebody, I don’t even bother. No matter how rich and handsome he is, it’s no use. I just want him to be a good person.”

When asked if there are any celebrities who she liked, Jessi said, “I haven’t been watching TV lately,” and added, “But BamBam is not bad.”

BamBam laughed, saying, “I can’t,” and Jessi said, “I can’t? I feel pretty bad.”


At the same time, BamBam was trying to explain and Jessi said, “Hey, I’m not gonna date you either,” making him laugh.  

BamBam said, “I like it. But I’m too skinny. I won’t be able to protect you. I’ve never fought before.” Then Jessi said, “Protecting doesn’t mean fighting. “When a woman is in trouble (she needs her man to support her). I do the fighting on my own. But anyway, I’m not dating you either,” with a sulky expression, making everyone laugh.

Source: Daum