Ji Chang Wook Joins Impossible Mission in ‘The Worst of Evil’

Ji Chang Wook is set to showcase another hit K-drama as the South Korean heartthrob headlines “The Worst of Evil.”

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Helmed by directors Park Geun Beom of the movie “Intruder” and Han Dong Wook of “Man in Love,” the upcoming crime-action drama will deliver thrilling scenes, making viewers hooked on every episode.

‘The Worst of Evil’: Will Ji Chang Wook End an Impossible Mission Successfully?

As the Disney+ series gears up for the much-awaited premiere, viewers get to see the sneak peek of “The Worst of Evil,” featuring Ji Chang Wook as detective Park Joon Mo.

The Worst of Evil

(Photo : Disney+)

Set in the 1990s, the story focuses on the high-profile case investigation run by Jung Ki Chul, the ruthless leader of the infamous Gangnam Alliance.

As part of his work, Park Joon Mo needs to go undercover and disguise himself as one of Ki Chul’s men. To know about the ins and outs of the drug cartel group, he needs to earn the trust of Jung Ki Chul.

However, as he accepts the offer, he gets entangled with elite narcotics officer Yoo Eui Jung, played by Im Se Mi. Besides being a skilled female officer, she is also Park Joon Mo’s wife and Ki Chul’s first love, which led to a complicated emotional link between the trio.

In the latest trailer, “The Worst of Evil” showcases the overview of the drama-how Park Joon Mo ends up being one of Ki Chul’s trusted men and the tension between Yoo Eui Jung.

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The latest sneak peek featured why Joon Mo accepted the offer despite the mission being not only dangerous but also seemed impossible. That is because he is going after the promotion that the higher-ups promised if he successfully finished the job.

As he began his undercover, he was able to fulfill his goal, which is to become Ji Chul’s right hand; however, the last scene hints at the gang boss’ discovery of who Park Joon Mo is.

Joining the trio are singer-actress BIBI and B.A.P. ‘s Zelo.

The Worst of Evil

(Photo : Disney+)

Apart from the trailer, Disney+ also released an intriguing poster featuring the rivals Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon.

‘The Worst of Evil’ Release Date

As the streaming platform continues to tease viewers with the latest trailers, posters, and still cuts featuring the stars, “The Worst of Evil” is scheduled to air on September 27.

With 12 episodes for the whole season, viewers will get to see the latest episode via Disney+ and Hulu.

Unfortunately, Ji Chang Wook’s new drama is not available on Netflix since “The Worst of Evil” will exclusively air on Disney+.

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