Ji Chang Wook Scammed in Milan? Here’s What Happened To ‘Welcome to Samdalri’ Star

Ji Chang Wook’s latest vlog garnered attention after the actor confessed his unfortunate experience overseas.

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Ji Chang Wook Goes To Milan For Fashion Week

On April 5, Ji Chang Wook gifted fans with another vlog through his YouTube channel. It was a clip where he featured his trip to Milan.

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook

The “Welcome to Samdalri” star visited Milan to attend a fashion event. In his vlog, he expressed his feelings about being present at the show.

“I can really feel the passion of the people here. I can’t believe that this huge crowd loves and cares about fashion. The amount of individuals makes the atmosphere better.”

While at the fashion show, the heartthrob exhibited a strong presence while clad in his beautiful ensemble. He took some photos requested by fans and then finally got into the car.

There. he said he was grateful to become part of the event.

“The show is over! It was quite hectic because there were a lot of people but I’m happy that I got to see such an amazing fashion show. People welcomed and greeted me. It felt so nice.”

Ji Chang Wook Reveals Getting Scammed in Milan

After finishing his schedule, “The Sound of Magic” star strolled around the city and looked for some presents to buy for his mom. He meticulously chose shoes based on his mother’s preferences.

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook

While shopping, he mentioned Duomo di Milano, elaborating on what happened.

“There are people who fly things in the air and get you bracelets. You can’t accept that. I didn’t think too much and just accepted the bracelet, and they said ‘We’re friends now.'”

Ji Chang Wook went on:

“That felt too good to me. Me and two of my friends got one bracelet each and then he made knots and asked for money.”

After recalling then incident, he reminded his fans to be careful.

What’s Next for Ji Chang Wook This 2024

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook

This 2024, Ji Chang Wook is booked to headline two series.

Following the romance drama “Welcome to Samdalri,” alongside Shin Hye Sun, the actor will mark his small screen return through TVING’s “Empress Woo.” It will be Ji Chang Wook’s first historical drama after a decade.

Adding to his schedule is Disney Plus’ thriller series “Gangnam B-Side,” where he is expected to work with Jo Woo Jin and Ha Yoon Kyung.