Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo’s “Moving” captivates Asian viewers

The love story of Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo in Disney+’s “Moving” is expected to work abroad. Thanks to its domestic popularity, the series is now heading overseas

“Moving” is soaring to captivate Asian viewers.

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Disney+’s original series “Moving” (written by Kang Full, directed by Park In Je) is receiving positive reactions in major Asian countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore. While it is already setting meaningful records for Korean content in North America, favorable reviews continue in Asia as well.


According to local reactions in Asia released by Disney+ on Sep 15th, “Moving” was evaluated as “the most fascinating work among Korean dramas” (Indonesia CNN), “the series that made the whole world excited” (Thailand MGR Online) and “‘Squid Game’ of this year” (Hong Kong AM730).

The response is especially enthusiastic in Indonesia and the Philippines. Every time “Moving” is released, keywords related to the series appear on X (Twitter)’s real-time trends, proving its popularity.

Thanks to this atmosphere, “Moving” is also carrying out various promotions in Asian countries.


In Taiwan, the work was introduced through large vehicles where you can enjoy the videos of “Moving” anywhere. In Thailand, a photo zone modeled after the classroom of Bong Seok was created and encouraged participation from fans. Besides, in countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Japan, the work is widely promoted through outdoor advertisements in places including subways and large shopping malls.

The final 3 episodes of “Moving”, which has a total of 20 episodes, will be released on Sep 20th.

Attention is focused on how parents of students with superpowers will face off against forces that threaten their children.

Source: Daum