Jo In Sung and Park Sun Young’s marriage rumors, agencies quickly announce positions

Actor Jo In Sung was suddenly embroiled in marriage rumors. The subject of the marriage rumors is none other than former SBS announcer-broadcaster Park Sun Young

Recently, unconfirmed rumors were distributed on SNS and online communities, claiming that Jo In Sung and Park Sun Young are preparing for marriage. Quite a few people expressed bewilderment over the two’s unexpected marriage rumors.

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Jo In Seong

Jo In Sung’s agency, IOK Company, quickly announced their official position. An official from IOK Company told and Sports Kyunghyang, “The marriage rumors are not true. The two have no special contact point.” At the same time, they dismissed the marriage rumors, calling them “absurd rumors“.

Park Sun Young’s agency, SM C&C, reportedly said they are checking the rumors.

Jo In Sung is currently starring in Disney+’s original series “Moving“. Jo In Sung plays the character Kim Doo Sik in “Moving”.

park sun young

“Moving” is a human action series that deals with three teenage high school students and their parents who discover their superpowers. The cast includes Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Ryong, Cha Tae Hyun, Ryoo Seung Bum, Kim Sung Kyun, Kim Hee Won, Moon Sung Keun, Lee Jung Ha, Go Yoon Jung and Kim Do Hoon.

Park Sun Young is a former SBS announcer. She served as the main anchor of “SBS Eight O’Clock News”. Park Sun Young made her name and face widely known by hosting programs such as SBS Power FM’s “Park Sun Young’s Cine Town”, “Curious Stories Y” and “Access Showbiz Tonight” for a long time. She is currently working as a freelancer under SM C&C.

Source: Wikitree