Jo In Sung Getting Married? Actor Responds to Rumors Involving Him With Former SBS Announcer

Jo In Sung is making headlines not just because of his hit K-drama “Moving” but also due to his alleged romance with former SBS announcer Park Sun Young.

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Rumors sparked that the award-winning star is gearing for a wedding soon.

Jo In Sung’s Agency Denies Wedding Rumors

Shortly after the news broke, Jo In Sung’s agency released a statement shutting down rumors involving the top star.

Jo In Sung, Park Sun Young

(Photo : News 1 Korea )

In a report cited by a news outlet, the label spoke about the real score between the two, calling the news “groundless.”

“We have confirmed with the actor himself that the rumors are completely untrue,” the agency said, adding, “Jo In Sung has no plans to marry announcer Park Sun Young, nor has he ever dated this person.”

Over social media, fans were stunned to hear Jo In Sung being embroiled in wedding rumors.

Others even speculated that this might be a propaganda to “ruin” the ratings of “Moving.”

On the other hand, Jo In Sung’s agency said that the actor is currently overseas filming his upcoming movie “Hope,” directed by Na Hong Jin.

He will star alongside the equally talented Hwang Jung Min and “Squid Game” star Jung Ho Yeon in the soon-to-be-released film.

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung is currently starring in the hit webtoon series “Moving.”

‘Moving’ Director Says He Had Hard Time Making Jo In Sung ‘Ugly’

Based on the webtoon written by Kang Full, who also penned the 20-episode K-drama, “Moving,” depicts the story of individuals with superpowers. However, they are being exploited and chased by the government and the North Korean army.

Jo In Sung Moving

(Photo : Disney+)

In the series, Jo In Sung takes on the role of top-tier agent Kim Doo Shik, whose special abilities include flying and combat skills.

However, things changed when he met Lee Mi Hyun, played by Han Hyo Joo. From being top black ops agents, they became fugitive and moved to a remote place to raise their son, Kim Bong Seok, played by Lee Jung Ha.

During the interview with director Park In Je, he revealed that Jo In Sung’s visuals made it hard for them to project his character.

As someone who is a fugitive and lives in the province, he is “too handsome” to play the character.


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)


(Photo : Disney+)

The director and crew saw this as “an unexpected obstacle” during the shoot.

“Basically, In Sung was too handsome for a poor guy, doing rough work in the sun,” the director said. To address this, what they did was “make him look ugly” by making his “clothes dirtier and his hair really messy.”

Director Park In Je joked about the “limit to how ‘ugly'” they could transform Jo In Sung because, in the end, his visuals still stood out.