Jo In Sung Jives To A Joyful Fanmeeting in Japan

Jo In Sung concludes his fan meeting in Japan with great success, showcasing his widespread popularity across borders.

On the 10th, the premier actor delighted his Japanese fans with the 2024 Joyful Day with Jo In Sung held at Intercity Hall in Shinagawa, Japan.

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Tickets for the fan meeting sold out quickly, highlighting the unwavering support and enthusiasm of his fanbase. The event held special significance as it marked six years since the fan club’s 10th-anniversary dinner party in July 2018, and every moment was filled with excitement and warmth as Jo In Sung interacted sincerely with his fans.

The fan meeting embraced the concept of Jo In Sung’s Joyful Day, with the actor personally greeting the audience in Japanese, signaling the start of a special and intimate gathering.

Notably, the event featured various themed activities, including a ‘gallery date’ showcasing photos from Jo’s daily life, providing fans with the opportunity to engage and communicate with the actor.

During the ‘Theater Date’ segment, fans participated in a survey to select their favorite characters and memorable lines from the actor’s recent works.

Jo In Sung charmed the audience by delivering lines from the chosen works in Japanese, adding a personal touch to the experience. He also shared behind-the-scenes stories and details about his upcoming movie ‘Smuggler,’ scheduled for release in Japan this summer, further enhancing the excitement among fans.

The fan meeting also included a themed restaurant experience inspired by Jo In-sung’s show Unexpected Business where fans voted on their favorite heart-fluttering moments from the series. A surprise appearance by actor Lim Joo Hwan added to the excitement of the event, showcasing the deep friendship between the two actors.

Throughout the fan meeting, Jo In Sung engaged closely with fans through various activities and games, demonstrating his friendly demeanor and genuine appreciation for his supporters. The event concluded with a send-off event, allowing fans to bid farewell to him and cherish the memorable experience.

As Jo In Sung continues to captivate audiences both domestically and internationally, his upcoming movie ‘Smuggler’ is set to be released in Japan on July 12th, further solidifying his status as a Hallyu star.