Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min, Park Hae Joon, and Nana To Lead The Movie “Humint”

Director Ryu Seung-wan, who is set to release Veteran 2 in the latter half of the year, has finalized the casting for his next film Humint and is commencing full-scale production.

Humint is an espionage action film that centers on North and South Korean secret agents clashing while investigating crimes at the Vladivostok border.

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Ryu Seung-wan, known for his diverse action films and more recently Escape From Mogadishu and Smugglers, aims to deliver a more refined espionage action genre with ‘Humint’.

Jo In Sung, who showcased a notable acting transformation in Ryu’s Mogadishu and delivered memorable performances in Smugglers, will portray Chief Cho of the Korean National Intelligence Service.

Park Jung Min, known for his versatile roles, will play Park Geon, head of the North Korean Ministry of State Security. Having previously worked together in Smugglers, Jo and Park are anticipated to bring a deeper and more cohesive collaboration to Humint.

Park Hae Joon, making his debut in a Ryu Seung-wan film, has chosen Humint following his role in 12:12 The Day. He will play Hwang Chi-seong, the North Korean consul general in Vladivostok.

Additionally, Nana will take on the role of Chae Seon-hwa, a North Korean restaurant employee, promising an engaging performance.

Humint, a blend of HUMAN and INTELLIGENCE, refers to intelligence-gathering activities through human sources.