Jo In Sung To Reunite With ‘Smugglers’ Director In New Film — Here’s What We Know

Jo In Sung is reportedly courted to lead the upcoming film “Humint,” which will be helmed by renowned director Ryu Seung Wan.

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The seasoned actor has worked with the filmmaker in the past through the movies “Escape From Mogadishu” and “Smugglers.”

If he accepts the acting offer, the production will mark their third project together. Here’s what we know so far.

Jo In Sung To Headline Upcoming Film ‘Humint’

On April 2, JTBC News reported that veteran star Jo In Sung is coming back to the silver screens with the upcoming film “Humint.”

Jo In Sung in
Jo In Sung To Reunite With ‘Smugglers’ Director In New Film — Here’s What We Know
(Photo : Disney+ Korea)

The film will be helmed by acclaimed director Ryu Seung Wan whom Jo In Sung worked with in “Escape From Mogadishu” in 2021 and “Smugglers” in 2023.

Together, Jo In Sung and the director accumulated a total of 34 million USD in box office overall. With that, anticipation is through the roof for their third film together.

Smugglers Poster
Kim Hye Soo, Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min, Go Min Si, Yum Jung Ah, Kim Jong Soo
(Photo : Next Entertainment World Official)
Escape from Mogadishu
(Photo : Lotte Entertainment)

As of the moment, Jo In Sung and the production team are still discussing the work. However, he’s expected to be chosen as the lead, thanks to the relationship built on trust over time.

On the other hand, “Humint” depicts the stories of three men from different walks of life. Specific details about the film are still kept under wraps so stay tuned for further updates.

Jo In Sung Joins Hwang Jung Min & Jung Ho Yeon In ‘Hope’

Jo In Sung, Hwang Jung Min and Jung Ho Yeon’s upcoming sci-fi film “Hope” is set to be released in theaters this 2024.

Jo In Sung
(Photo : IOK Company)

The work depicts the desperate struggles of residents of a small town from a mysterious attack that destroys their homeland. In the film, Jo In Sung transforms into a young hunter named Sung Ki.

The film is directed by Na Hong Jin, the mind behind the masterpieces “The Chase” and “The Wailing.”

Hwang Jung Min
(Photo : SEM Company Instagram)

The thriller film “Hope” is currently underway, and it’s slated to hit the silver screens some time in the second half of 2024. Stay tuned for more updates.

Meanwhile, you can check out Jo In Sung’s swoon-worthy transformation in the sci-fi fantasy series “Moving” in Disney+ now.

Have you seen “Moving” yet? Share your thoughts on the drama with us in the comments down below!