Jo Jung Suk Movie Trailer ‘Pilot’ Exceeds 12 Million Views + Fans Drawn to the Actor’s New Visual

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Jo Jung Suk is making a huge buzz as he returns to the big screen with the upcoming film “Pilot.”

After his K-drama comeback, “Captivating the King,” the South Korean star is set to headline an interesting comedy movie.

Lotte Entertainment has unveiled a sneak peek of Jo Jung Suk’s new movie, transforming him into a star pilot named Jung Woo.

On April 17, viewers got the first look, surprising everyone with his shocking transformation.

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Jo Jung Suk as Cross-Dressing Employee in ‘Pilot’

Marking his return to movies for the first time in six years, Jo Jung Suk portrays star pilot Jung Woo, who experiences a career slump after he gets laid off by the company.

(Photo : Lotte Entertainment)

However, he manages to bounce back by getting a new job through an unexpected transformation.

As seen on the “Pilot” teaser, Jung Woo is all glammed up and dressed up as a woman, with a narration saying, “I’m your captain, Han Jung Mi, who will safely fly you to your destination.”

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The next scene is followed by Jung Woo passing his phone and saying, “Jung Mi, can you answer the call?” to which he is referring to himself.

On social media, netizens can’t help but gush over Jo Jung Suk’s new role in a gender-bending movie. Moreover, fans are delighted to see the actor’s bold transformation, giving viewers more reason to watch “Pilot.”


With the release of the first trailer, “Pilot” garnered an explosive response from the public.

‘Pilot’ Trailer Exceeds 12 Million Views

According to a report, Jo Jung Suk’s new movie has exceeded 12 million views and counting.

With this, the upcoming comedy movie is expected to create remarkable synergy with the collaboration of Jo Jung Suk and director Kim Han Gyul, who helmed the movie “The Most Ordinary Romance.”

Expressing his affection to the “Pilot” director, the actor thanked the filmmaker for “taking care of every scene so delicately” and was able to portray the role without any hesitation.

“I think he is a courageous director who does not shy away from trying many different things.”

Meanwhile, joining Jo Jung Suk in “Pilot” is Han Sun Hwa, who portrays Jung Woo’s sibling.

Other than the duo, “Pilot” lead stars also include Shin Seung Ho and Lee Joo Myung.

Viewers will get to see the upcoming movie as it officially premieres in theaters on July 31.