Jo Jung Suk & Shin Se Kyung’s ‘Captivating the King’ Soars To Highest Score Yet

After the Lunar holiday special broadcast in the previous week, Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung’s romance drama “Captivating the King” soared to a new high in terms of ratings.

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The drama broke its personal record and achieved an all-time high with its latest episodes, marking the success of the production. Read on to know more.

‘Captivating the King’ Records New Personal Best

In the past week, tvN’s period romance drama “Captivating the King” starring Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung received a new personal best in terms of viewership ratings.

‘Captivating the King’ Episode 1-2: Jo Jung Suk Fatefully Meets Shin Se Kyung
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

After airing four consecutive episodes for the Lunar holiday special, the drama enjoyed great reception in both domestic and international channels.

The latest episode of the show recorded an average rating of 6.7%, marking the new personal best in the drama’s overall ratings, besting other weekend K-dramas.

'Captivating The King' Stills
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Jo Jung Suk, Shin Se Kyung
'Captivating The King' Stills
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Jo Jung Suk & Shin Se Kyung’s ‘Captivating the King’ Scores New Personal Best

“Captivating the King” successfully charmed the viewers, encouraging them to tune in to the drama’s final six episodes, which will be released this February.

On the other hand, the drama which is set in the Joseon era tells the romance between a miserable king and a beautiful woman who ends up falling for him while extracting her revenge.

‘Captivating the King’ Further Details & Where To Stream

With its continuous success on terrestrial television, Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung’s “Captivating the King” is predicted to dominate the year of 2024.

'Captivating The King' Stills
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

Although the year has only just begun, there’s no doubt that the work is already taking Hallyu by storm through online communities, forums, blogs and more.

Besides the main cast Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung, the drama also stars popular stars Lee Shin Young, Jang Young Nam and more, who all boast impressive filmographies under their belts.

Sejak: Charmed Deceit
(Photo : tvN)
Jo Jung Suk & Shin Se Kyung Display Time-Transcending Romance In ‘Captivating The King’

“Captivating the King” airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN at 9:20 p.m. KST. It’s also released on Netflix for worldwide audiences so make sure to check it out.

Have you seen “Captivating the King” yet? Share your thoughts on the drama with us in the comments down below!