Jo Yi-hyun, Kim Dong-jun Under Fire For Poor Acting Skills And Inappropriate Settings In Latest KBS Historical Dramas

The two lead actors of KBS historical dramas were criticized for their “controversial acting skills.”

On November 11th, KBS’s 50th anniversary special drama “Goryeo-Khitan War,” which was invested a total of 27 billion won, was unveiled. However, controversy over the lead actor Kim Dong-joon ’s acting skills arose immediately after the broadcast. Some viewers said that Kim Dong-joon’s rather disappointing acting skills broke the drama’s atmosphere. It was said that he was disappointing as the lead actor. However, some defended him as he is still in the early stages of his career.

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The Matchmakers Kim Dong-jun

However, viewers’ mixed reactions to the actor’s acting skills created negative effect on the work. Although the ratings rose to 5.5% in the first episode and 6,8% in the second episode, it is lacking considering that KBS’s epic drama “The King of Tears,” which aired two years ago, had 8-9% ratings in the first week of broadcast.

This is a similar situation with that of to the Monday-Tuesday drama “The Matchmakers.” Lead actress Jo Yi-hyun is getting criticized with her youthful appearance and awkward makeup that do not fit the character setting in “The Matchmakers.” Her character, Jung Soon-deok, is the daughter-in-law of a noble family, whose husband has passed away. She only sews all day, but outside the house, she lives a different life as the best matchmaker in Seoul. However, her dark eye makeup and colorful hanbok was criticized for being inappropriate. It was also pointed out that it is awkward for a widow who has gone through a lot in her life to look like a teenager.

The Matchmakers Jo Yi-hyun

Ratings of the drama are also on the decline. It got off to a good start by recording 4.5% in the first episode, but fell to the 3% immediately in the second. It seemed to rise slightly to 4.0% in the third, but fell back to 3.9% in the fourth episode. Until now, KBS’s other Monday-Tuesday dramas have had a top audience rating of 8% or higher and the lowest was around 4%, so the achievements “The Matchmakers” is rather lacking.

However, many have raised objections that it is too early to conclude. As there are still many episodes left, many factors can be added to boost the fun of the storyline.

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