Joo Won Becomes A Special Photographer In “Night Photo Studio”

Joo Won transforms into the 7th generation photographer at a photography studio that specializes in ghost clients for over 100 years.

Night Photo Studio is about a prickly photographer and a hot-blooded lawyer at a photo studio specializing in ghost photography that exists only for the dead. It deals with life and death featuring a clientele served at night time.

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In the teaser poster released, Joo Won is somehow surrounded by a mysterious energy from the background of framed photos. He holds a strange outdated camera, which feels like it’s been around for a long time.

The photos hung in this photo studio that says “open only at night” are also somewhat suspicious. You can feel the long history of the photo studio contains memories of various times and people from the past to the present, but their forms look like they will disappear at any moment.

Subsequently, the first look stills of Joo Won’s new character, Seo Ki-ju were also displayed.

Ki-ju, a photographer who deals with guests visiting a photo studio that is ‘open only at night’ will leave behind a variety of ‘lifetime shots of Hwangcheon-gil’.

He is the 7th generation photographer at a photo studio that specializes in customer service and has been in the family for generations. When the dead, who could not bear to leave this world because of the desperate story they held in their heart, open the door to the photo studio in the middle of the night and enter, the real work begins.

His job is to take pictures of guests with a magical camera to satisfy their earnest desire. His personality is becoming more harsh as he deals with all kinds of stories and characters.

Night Photo Studio

A Strange Photographer with a Strange Fate

When the sun rises, the photo studio’s door closes, but that doesn’t mean Kiju’s day becomes ordinary. Since he was young, he grew up seeing things that others could not see, and as he is the ‘only human’ who can listen to their stories, he deals with various ghosts in his daily life.

He has already been running a photo studio for 20 years, and by this point, he is well-versed in dealing with ghosts, but he always suffers from insomnia and nervous breakdowns when his sleep is interrupted or when he is suddenly attacked. The only place where Ki-ju can sleep comfortably is the chapel. His life’s sole pleasure is to get a good night’s sleep in a ghost-free zone.

Interestingly, he has a story that is just as ‘strange’ as the ghost guests. Not only did he have to take the last photos of guests from generation to generation, but he was also cursed with a short life that would not allow me to live past the age of thirty-five.

However, when Han Bom (Kwon Na-ra), a passionate lawyer with extraordinary abilities, intervenes in his life, there is a possibility that his fate may change.

The production team said, “Please look forward to Joo Won’s acting transformation as he appears in front of viewers for the first time in over a year wearing a strange character. We are confident that his performance in dealing with guests who want to die well and listening to their stories will move your hearts.”

Night Photo Studio can be seen on the ENA and ENA DRAMA channels on March 11th at 10 PM. Replays are available on Genie TV and Genie TV Mobile.

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