Ju Ji Hoon Dramas: 3 Must-Watch Series Starring the ‘Blood Free’ Actor

As Disney+ delivers the suspense sci-fi K-drama “Blood Free,” viewers are drawn to Ju Ji Hoon’s character Woo Chae Woon. He is a former military officer who worked as a bodyguard to find out the truth behind an incident.

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In the 10-episode K-drama, viewers get to see his on-screen chemistry with Han Hyo Joo, who plays as CEO Yoon Ja Yoo, Chae Woon’s boss and the founder of the biotech company BF Group.

Ju Ji Hoon
Ju Ji Hoon

Helmed by Park Chul Hwan and penned by “Grid” and “Stranger” screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon, “Blood Free” depicts the story of a CEO’s mission to introduce a new way of how humans consume meat. Her main goal is to create a successful mutation of organs.

However, amid this, the CEO constantly receives threats from officials who want to get their hands on BF Group’s products. This is where Woo Chae Woon comes in as Ja Yoo’s bodyguard.

With all the hype of the Disney+ series, Ju Ji Hoon has a ton of interesting K-dramas that need to be on your binge-watch list if you can’t get enough of the “Blood Free” star.

‘Princess Hours’

Princess Hours
Princess Hours

Ju Ji Hoon skyrocketed to fame after landing the role of Crown Prince in “Princess Hours.” Despite being a rookie then, he gave life to the iconic Crown Prince Lee Shin.

Viewers were also entertained with the blossoming love story of Ju Ji Hoon’s character and the bubbly yet feisty high school student Chae Gyeon, played by Yoon Eun Hye.

Due to the rom-com’s massive response from viewers, “Princess Hours” had a Thai adaptation released in 2017.


Kingdom 3

From rom-com, Ju Ji Hoon appeared in another hit K-drama.

The 2019 thriller series “Kingdom” took the world by storm as the top star took on the role of Lee Chan, the Crown Prince, who was deemed a traitor by the King’s men.

Joining him in the 6-episode K-drama are Ryu Seung Ryong, Bae Doona, Kim Sung Gyu, and the villain, the new Queen, played by Kim Hye Joon.

Interestingly, continuing the success of the zombie K-drama, Netflix released “Kingdom” Season 2 in 2020, with Ju Ji Hoon reprising his role.


'Hyena' Poster
Kim Hye Soo, Ju Ji Hoon
(Photo : SBS Drama Official)

Last on the list is the award-winning K-drama “Hyena”!

Ju Ji Hoon drama list will not be complete without his mystery-comedy series with Kim Hye Soo.

Released in 2020, the story focuses on the lives of very competitive lawyers who work for wealthy and powerful individuals.

Ju Ji Hoon plays as the ruthless lawyer Yoon Hee Jae. He is someone who is oozing with pride and confidence, especially since he works for a top-tier law firm.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo takes on the character of Jung Geum Ja, a lawyer who values the balance between justice and injustice and law and lawlessness.

Like Jung Geum Ja, she is after success, power, and money and will do whatever it takes to get them.