Ju Ji Hoon Net Worth 2024: How Much Does the ‘Blood Free’ Star Earn as Actor?

Ju Ji Hoon is set for back-to-back K-dramas this 2024, starting off with his ongoing thriller, “Blood Free.”

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Teaming up with Han Hyo Joo, the top star plays as a former military officer turned bodyguard Woo Chae Woon, whose responsibility is to protect CEO Yoon Ja Yoo from possible threats.

The sci-fi thriller K-drama showcases the duo’s on-screen chemistry as they embark on a trailblazing experiment to produce artificially cultured meat in 2025.

Ju Ji Hoon on Portraying Woon Chae Woo in ‘Blood Free’

After the 2021 K-drama “Jirisan,” Ju Ji Hoon takes on another challenging role as he plays as conglomerate bodyguard Woo Chae Woon.

Blood Free
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The actor mentioned in an interview what he feels about his “Blood Free” character.

“I found it challenging to set the details, as the setting is the near future. I thought he needed to be grounded and realistic to make the story convincing and believable to viewers.”

In “Blood Free,” viewers get to see Woo Chae Woon go undercover for CEO Yoon’s company, BF Group, to find the mastermind behind the attack that happened in Azorak.

Ju Ji Hoon Drama 2024: Where To See the Veteran Actor Next

As mentioned, Ju Ji Hoon will star in multiple projects in 2024. After Disney+’s “Blood Free,” he will headline the fantasy-mystery webtoon-based series “Light Shop.” 

Portraying the mysterious light shop owner, he witnesses a series of strange customers who visits his store, which includes a regular who he’s wary of.

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Joining him in the upcoming K-drama are Park Bo Young, Lee Jung Eun, Kim Seol Hyun, and more.

Adding to the list of Ju Ji Hoon’s new dramas is the Netflix medical series “The Trauma Code: Heroes on Call.” In this series, he plays the role of genius trauma surgeon Baek Kang Hyuk, who runs a team of skilled doctors.

However, despite his impeccable skill, Kang Hyuk harbors a bulldozer-like personality.

Lasly, Ju Ji Hoon will also return to rom-com as he headlines “Love on a Single Log Bridge” with Jung Yu Mi.

The upcoming K-drama is helmed by “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” and “Alchemy of Souls” director Park Joon Hwa, and penned by Im Ye Jin of “Tale of Nokdu.”

Ju Ji Hoon Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘Blood Free’ Star?

Since his debut in 2006 and a ton of hit K-dramas, Ju Ji Hoon has amassed millions as an actor.

According to a report, Ju Ji Hoon’s net worth is estimated at $1 million to 5 million USD, with a large part of his wealth coming from his acting career.

In addition to this, the top star represents different brands that tapped him for endorsements, among which is his team-up with Dior’s Sauvage.