Jun Hye Jin cast in new drama

Article: Jun Hye Jin to return with new drama ‘Riding Life’ after Lee Sun Gyun’s death, “I ask for your support”

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Source: Newsen via Nate

[+216, -85] The late Lee Sun Gyun’s scandal was more about having an affair with a young woman rather than the drugs~~

[+102, -3] Jun Hye Jin actress-nim, I support you!!

[+74, -0] Mothers are strong~ I support you. You must be strong~ I wish you the best ^^

[+40, -1] I support her!! See you in a great drama soon

[+8, -0] I’m sure she’s moving forward for the sake of her children ㅠㅠ As a parent myself, I don’t know how he was able to leave them behind

[+7, -0] I feel so bad for her!! How could this have happened, sigh

[+6, -0] Find strength

[+4, -37] I feel like it’s too soon.. I’m still reminded of him when I see her. She can’t do anything else in the mean time?

– [+9, -2] She has kids to raise, how long do you expect her to just be sitting in a daze? This is such an immature comment

– [+9, -2] Very cruel of you to say, especially if you’re not going to support her at all

– [+9, -2] Was this necessary to put into words? 

– [+5, -1] The living must live on. She and her children have done nothing to deserve this.