Jun Hye Jin to move forward with acting amidst husband Lee Sun Gyun’s scandal

Article: [Exclusive] ‘Lee Sun Gyun wife’ Jun Hye Jin will not be taking acting hiatus… cast for ‘I Am Home’

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Source: Star News via Nate

[+310, -19] Be confident, you did nothing wrong. We support you.

[+62, -8] Maybe she can channel her rage into her acting… whatever the case, I think she needs to take some time to focus on her work and keep her mind occupied with other thoughts…

[+26, -25] I think she’ll get even more famous off of this.. family is family but she has her own job to do

[+13, -1] Maybe it was a difficult decision for her, I’ll never know, but it gives me strength to hear that she’s keeping on! I support you!!!

[+9, -17] I wonder if there will be a divorce?

[+4, -1] I support her

[+3, -1] Yeah, a couple is as good as strangers after a split, no point in her also taking a hiatus alognside her husband. It’s times like this that you need to be up and out there! Fighting!

[+2, -1] It’s Lee Sun Gyun’s mistake, she should not have to suffer for any of it

[+2, -0] Now that she’s done raising the kids, she’s also become the sole breadwinner