Jun Ji Hyun & Soccer Player Son Heung Min’s Reunion Gains Buzz— Here’s Why

Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min-two prominent stars in the fields of entertainment and sports-made headlines after being seen together in London. Read to know what happened.

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Jun Ji Hyun & Son Heung Min Reunited In London

On September 18, Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min both attended the Burberry Spring and Summer 2024 fashion show in London.

Jun Ji Hyun, Son Heung Min at Burberry Fashion Show

(Photo : W Korea Official)

The K-drama superstar and the soccer genius were seated next to one another. This meeting marked their reunion much to fans’ delight.

Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min met for the first time at the Burberry Fall and Winter 2023 fashion show in February. Because of this, many fans have called them “Burberry babies” online.

In an Instagram video released by fashion magazine W Korea, the fans were given a glimpse of the glitz and glamor of the show. Jun Ji Hyun appeared in an ivory-colored turtleneck dress that is paired with her riveting red lips, creating an enticing look.

Jun Ji Hyun, Son Heung Min at Burberry Fashion Show

(Photo : W Korea Official)

Meanwhile, Son Heung Min was clad in a two-piece black coat that has checkered details, exuding a chic aura. Both of them gave off a strong aura that even became a hot topic in online communities.

Despite being in different fields, the awkwardness between them melted as they grew closer as seatmates at every Burberry event.

“Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min look like they don’t age,” one fan commented. “They look so beautiful. Burberry made a great choice.”

Jun Ji Hyun, Son Heung Min at Burberry Fashion Show

(Photo : W Korea Official)

In addition, many fans cooed after learning that Jun Ji Hyun’s mother-in-law is a huge fan of Son Heung Min.

Fans are now looking forward to the next Burberry show, excited to see how much Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min’s friendship progressed.

Jun Ji Hyun In Talks To Headline Espionage Drama ‘The North Star’

Earlier this 2023, Dispatch reported that Jun Ji Hyun might make her acting comeback through a brand new spy drama called “The North Star.”

Jun Ji Hyun

(Photo : News 1)

It was confirmed that Kang Dong Won also received the offer. Meanwhile, IEUM Hashtag, Jun Ji Hyun’s agency, shared that the actress is reviewing it with a positive mind.

If she accepts the project, “The North Star” will mark her first return to the home theater in two long years after her appearance in “Jirisan.”

Jun Ji Hyun for Vogue Korea

(Photo : Vogue Korea)

On the other hand, “The North Star” follows the stories of spies who go on a journey to find themselves after losing their identity due to the number of roles they have played to stay undercover.

Once the drama finalizes its cast lineup, principal filming will begin so stay tuned for more updates.