Jung Eun Chae and Kim Choong Jae go public with their relationship, met with wary reactions

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Article: Jung Eun Chae and Kim Choong Jae are dating… Jung Eun Chae’s past history of committing affairs brought back to light

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

[+985, -14] Sigh, he has no eye for women at all

[+358, -6] Jung Eun Chae just loves married men, she’s an expert tsk tsk

[+183, -29] Is it really any of our business if they’re in love..?

[+106, -1] I don’t know what to say about him when he’s choosing to date someone with a history of dating two married men. It’s his business in the end so not like my opinion matters~

[+71, -2] Why bother dating anyone with such a dirty past in the first place

[+68, -3] Who are either of them?

[+51, -1] Committing an affair is askin to murdering a person’s soul. If they have kids, you’re hurting them too. So shameless to take what isn’t yours.

[+40, -3] He’s so naive, I wish he’d wake up and see the reality…

[+41, -5] It’s not like he wouldn’t know what her history has been like… so clearly he’s willing to risk it all out of his love for her~ they’ve made their decision so our opinion won’t matter in the end!

[+29, -1] She’ll never quit committing affairs. She’s addicted… People who cheat have no problem doing it again. 

[+27, -0] Choong Jae-ya, of all women, why her.. aigoo…

[+27, -0] The married men killer

[+25, -0] Can’t just chase looks, you have to consider their character as well ㅡㅡ

[+15, -0] Just don’t get married to her no matter what you doo

[+8, -0] Can Kim Choong Jae even be considered a celebrity? He’s more like Kian 84’s friend

[+7, -2] She sucks at acting, isn’t even pretty… don’t ruin this man’s life. It’s obvious she’s not a healthy person judging by her penchant for dating only married men. Leave the normal people alone and go live your own life somewhere else.

[+5, -0] The audacity of going public in another relationship after wrecking a family just prior