Jung Ho-yeon clarifies misunderstandings about “You Quiz” prize money “I gave Hyeri 50,000 won”

On July 5th, Hyeri uploaded a video titled “My True Friend Ho-yeon Came to Visit with Gifts for No Reason” on her YouTube channel.

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In the video, Jung Ho-yeon and Hyeri shared an anecdote about the prize money from “You Quiz”. Jung Ho-yeon recalled, “I went on ‘You Quiz’ and won a prize. Then, I met Hyeri the next day. I bragged to Hyeri, ‘Hey, I won a prize on You Quiz!’ And I took out the money and told her, ‘Here’s 50,000 won for you.’ After that, Hyeri posted it on social media saying, ‘How cute!’

jung ho yeon hyeri

She continued, “The prize was about 1 million won, right? But people thought I gave all 1 million won to Hyeri. They said it was a real friendship. So, while it wasn’t a bad image, I wondered what my sister and my mom would think after seeing that.

jung ho yeon hyeri

Hearing this, Hyeri said, “There were a lot of articles about it. They were like, ‘Wow, what kind of relationship do they have?’ To clarify, on social media it was like, ‘Sorry, it was actually 50,000 won.’ Doing that would be weird, too, right?” Jung Ho-yeon added, “There were some ambiguous parts. So, this is my chance to explain. But it wasn’t all bad. Big-hearted image. Loyal girl.

Hyeri also mentioned “The funny part was when I said, ‘Why did you give this to me? Use it yourself!’ She said she wanted to share it with people she recently met or was grateful to so she was giving away the prize money. I was like, ‘Wow, this is exciting.’ My mom was there too“, causing laughter.