Jung Joon Young’s Actual Footage Kissing Multiple Women Leaked

In a scandalous turn of events, footage allegedly showing Jung Joon Young engaging in intimate behavior with multiple women at a club in Lyon, France has surfaced online.

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The disgraced former singer, infamous for previous scandals involving illicit recordings, appears in the video kissing various women, raising concerns about his behavior once again.

The controversy began when a French netizen reported encountering Jung Joon Young at a local club in Lyon.

Jung Joon Young
Jung Joon Young
(Photo : theqoo)

Initially uncertain of his identity, the netizen soon realized it was indeed Jung Joon Young who showed interest in their group’s Instagram handles and later engaged in flirtatious behavior with a young French girl.

Shocked by the situation but wary of causing a scene, the netizen refrained from intervening, fearing potential repercussions for the girl involved.

The next day, Jung Joon Young reportedly followed the netizen on Instagram, confirming their suspicions about his identity.

This incident, which occurred amid Jung Joon Young’s previous scandals, sparked immediate outrage and concern among fans and the public alike.

Now, with the release of the footage, the situation has escalated further.

The video purportedly captures Jung Joon Young in compromising situations, intensifying the public scrutiny surrounding his actions.

Jung Joon Young
Jung Joon Young
(Photo : Youtube)

This development has reignited discussions about his past controversies and raised questions about his behavior and public image.

  • “Neither Jung Joon Young nor Seungri seem to have any sense of guilt… At the very least, if they were released, they could have shown some formal form of self-restraint…” 
  • “They seem to enjoy filming videos but find it uncomfortable themselves. They’re even fully clothed…” 
  • “It’s Jun who came from jail lol Just live quietly or figure out a chemical castration”
  • “The dog won’t stop pooping. Rather than fixing it, he’ll probably explode all the accumulated proteins by working six days a week.”
  • “There should be a law to confiscate assets from sex offenders and give them to the victims. No chance for rehabilitation.” 

Jung Joon Young’s representatives have yet to respond to the emergence of the video or provide any statements regarding the allegations.

Meanwhile, the public and media continue to monitor the unfolding situation closely, awaiting further developments and responses from all parties involved.