Jung Joonyoung Seen Clubbing in France

Here’s a summary of the story of a French person who saw Jung Joonyoung in a club in Lyon, France:

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1. The OP (a French person) was with friends at a club in Lyon, ordering drinks when the order came out wrong. They were about to give the drinks away when a man (Jung Joonyoung) appeared, saying he would take them and started a conversation.

2. The OP recognized Jung Joonyoung but wasn’t entirely sure. Jung Joonyoung asked for her Instagram ID. Since there was no data signal in the club, he took a picture of the OP’s Instagram ID.

3. The OP noted his tattoos and later confirmed his identity as Jung Joonyoung.

4. After Jung Joonyoung left, another Korean man came up to OP and her friends. He pointed at Jung Joonyoung, saying he was a famous Korean singer, confirming the OP’s suspicions. The author shared this with their friends.

5. Jung Joonyoung was seen taking advances of and kissing another young French woman. The OP was shocked but decided not to intervene to avoid causing a scene or having any unwanted recordings of the incident.

6. The next day, Jung Joonyoung followed the OP on Instagram with a new account that had only 4 followersㅋㅋㅋ The OP tried to gather more information and learned that Jung Joonyoung is currently struggling to find work in Europe, moving around to different places. He’s planning to go to Switzerland next. It looks like Jung Joonyoung has connections in France.


(NB: Most of the comments are unrelated to the post. It looks like the OP posted about something else and then edited it)

1. [+43][-0] Shouldn’t we warn French women? It would be a national disgrace if victims emerge even abroad. He wasn’t properly punished in his own country, and now he’s shamelessly targeting people in other countries.

2. [+40][-1] Looks like the OP edited this post. Anyway, isn’t that bastard dead yet? How long do we have to tell him to die?

3. [+35][-0] I was wondering why all the top comments were off-topic. It turns out the post was edited. 

4. [+34][-0] Don’t French women have the right to know? Seriously, if they knew what kind of person he is, would any woman in Europe kiss him? Out of basic human decency, we should let them know. It’s disgusting.

5. [+32][-0] Jung Joonyoung should have his phone checked every time he goes in and out of a foreign country. He can’t do it in Korea anymore, so he might seduce women abroad and upload weird videos. If that happens, it would be a national disgrace. Poor French women. He should be called a hidden camera criminal wherever he goes.