Jung Ryeo Won Reveals Fashion Trend She’ll Definitely Skip: ‘That Makes Me Old-fashioned’

Jung Ryeo Won talks about her fashion choices and the similarity of her personal style to her character in “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon.”

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The Korean-Australian actress returns to K-drama with a romance series, along with Wi Ha Joon, as she takes on a challenging role.

Taking on the character of senior instructor Seo Hye Jin, she gets reunited with her former star student, Lee Jun Ho, played by the “Squid Game” star.

As the drama series enters its second half, Jung Ryeo Won compares her character Seo Hye Jin to her previous characters.

During her interview with Allure Korea, the 43-year-old beauty shared her honest thoughts about today’s fashion and revealed the trend that she will surely skip.

Jung Ryeo Won Explains Her Fashion Choice

As seen on Jung Ryeo Won’s Instagram, she often posts candid shots that tell a lot of stories.

From her current and upcoming projects, to her endorsements and even with her family, she often shares them with her 1 million followers.

In addition to this, Jung Ryeo Won’s fashion style leans toward a comfortable, simple yet chic look.

Jung Ryeo Won
(Photo : Allure Korea)

The actress told Allure Show she “prefers things” that she could use and “wear frequently in her daily life.”

For her, the fuss-free and best look that could make you seem put together are tracksuits.

“I often wear tracksuits on set. They are like workwear for me.”

When it comes to new trends, she might skip “underwear fashion” or those with micro short shorts that looked like undergarments.

“Underwear should be worn inside. I guess that makes me old-fashioned,” she said, adding, “These days, I see friends who look good wearing modern styles, but I tend to dress more classically. I might try it for a photoshoot, but I’m too scared to wear it casually. I just can’t do it.”.

For Jung Ryeo Won, her personal style looked like her character in “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon.” It is simple but not boring, minimalist but definitely timeless.

According to her, out of all the characters she played, Seo Hye Jin’s fashion style looked most like hers.

“These are my casual clothes,” she said, referring to her styling for the drama.

Jung Ryeo Won
(Photo : Allure Korea)

“Few of my coats, and I wore my scarves. And this time I had to carry a lot of big bags. So I rotated a few of my own bags and mixed a lot of my own clothes into the drama’s wardrobe,” the actress added.

In “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon,” her character, Seo Hye Jin, mostly wears button down shirts, paired with vests and trousers. She also adds a simple cardigan and a great collection of shoes to make her look more stylish.