Jung Woo Sung Involved in Gay Rumors With Lee Jung Jae for THIS Hilarious Reason

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Veteran actor Jung Woo Sung detailed his friendship with Lee Jung Jae and how they ended up being involved in gay rumors.

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Jung Woo Sung Talks on His 25 Years of Friendship With Lee Jung Jae

In the recent episode of Shin Dong Yeop’s “Zzanbro,” which aired on November 16, he welcomed prominent stars Jung Woo Sung and Hwang Jung Min, two of the legendary actors in their generation.

Jung Woo Sung

(Photo : Artist Company)

During the show, host and comedian, Shin Dong Yeop asked Jung Woo Sung about the milestones he achieved for being in the acting industry for more than a decade and his close ties with award-winning actor Lee Jung Jae.

Before he even answered, the assistant host, Jung Ho Chul, recalled:

“I remember Jung Woo Sung receiving the director’s award for Lee Jung Jae at the premiere of the Blue Dragon Film Awards.”

He added that despite being friends for a long time, Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae still use honorifics to each other. Jung Ho Chul saw it during the awards night as Jung Woo Sung called the “Squid Game” actor while accepting his award on stage.

Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae

(Photo : Lee Jung Jae Offcial Instagram)

Shin Dong Yeop butts in and gets curious if they only do it in front of the cameras for formality.

To clarify, Jung Woo Sung answered:

“Mostly, we use honorifics when talking to each other and we also use honorifics to text each other. We don’t have expectations for each other and only respect each other.”

He explained the number one secret to keeping their 25 years of friendship.

Jung Woo Sung & Lee Jung Jae Involved in Gay Rumors Due to Closeness

Jung Woo Sung also revealed for the first time the reason why he and Lee Jung Jae were involved in gay rumors before.

Hunt Stars Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung

(Photo : Megabox Plus M Instagram)

“If we drink together for five hours, the conversation would be less than 10 minutes. We drink and look at each other and only say ‘Shall we have another drink?'”

Shin Dong Yeop smiled and said:

“That’s why you got such rumors.”

To recall, the two were dubbed as Cheongdam couple because of their closeness, and issues of a gay relationship between them circulated. Lee Jung Jae explained himself about this during his appearance in the travel variety show “Healing Camp” in 2013 Jung Woo Sung is just a close friend who understands what he thinks even without saying a word.

Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung

(Photo : Artist Company Ofiicial)
Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung

Meanwhile, the two have been friends for more than two decades and already worked a couple of times on different projects.

In fact, they even co-partner in establishing an agency called Artist Company, in which they also handle artists who are pursuing a career in acting.

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