Jung Yu Mi Finally Addresses the Confusion with Her Name Twin — ‘I’m Not That Yumi’

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Actress Jung Yu Mi, known for her roles in various South Korean dramas and TV series, recently launched a YouTube channel titled ‘Not That Yumi.’

In her inaugural video, she candidly discussed the challenges and humorous encounters stemming from sharing her name with another well-known actress, Jung Yumi.

 “I like the name of the channel, ‘Not That Yumi’. It gives me a certain sense of catharsis,” Jung Yu Mi explained in her first video.

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The actress chose this name to address and clarify the frequent mix-ups between herself and another actress, Jung Yumi, who is famous for her roles in ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Discovery of Love.’

 Jung Yu Mi recounted a recent encounter at a pub with a married couple. “The woman recognized me faintly but wasn’t quite sure who I was. As for the man, he appeared to be thinking of someone else when I informed him my name,” she shared, laughing at the memory.

“So I casually introduced myself, ‘Oh, I’m not that Yumi. I’m Jung Yu Mi who appeared on ‘Partners for Justice’ (2018).’.” This interaction highlighted the common confusion people have about her identity.

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Reflecting on past experiences, Jung Yu Mi admitted that such misunderstandings used to hurt her feelings.

 “In the past, even though I acted like it didn’t bother me, my feelings would have been hurt by that. But I can now easily brush it off with a smile. It feels better this way,” she said.

Born in 1984, Jung Yu Mi has a notable career in South Korean entertainment. She starred in SBS dramas such as ‘Rooftop Prince’ (2012) and ‘Bravo My Life’ (2017), and in the MBC TV series ‘Partners for Justice.’ She is also currently in a relationship with KANGTA, a member of the K-pop boy group H.O.T.

Jung Yu Mi considered changing her name due to the frequent mix-ups with the other actress, who was born in 1983 and has an impressive portfolio including the film ‘Sleep’ (2023) and the drama ‘Discovery of Love’ (2014).

“Reporters often mistake my name with Jung Yumi’s,” she said, recalling an incident where her photo was mistakenly used in an article about the other actress.



“When Jung Yumi received an award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, I got numerous congratulatory phone calls from acquaintances who mistakenly thought it was me. Honestly, I was sad and upset,” she revealed.

Despite the name confusion, Jung Yu Mi sees a silver lining. “When people search for her, they might come across me, and vice versa.

It allows us to be recognized together, while also making it clear that we are two different individuals. So I believe it could be a good thing,” she concluded optimistically.

Jung Yu Mi also shared that her YouTube channel will primarily focus on her passion for football, specifically Manchester City FC.