Jungkook ‘Seven’ streams on Spotify in Thailand are causing controversy

Jungkook ‘Seven’ record on Spotify is interesting

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There are 1.2 million Spotify users in Thailand but Seven’s streams are 1.3 million. Is this possible?

1. Hul, this is amazing

-> Jungkook did better than Lisa, Thailand’s national idol

-> Leave BLACKPINK alone

2. RM also has 1 million streams out of 3 million coming from Thailand… I wonder if they have the secret to eliminating duplication

3. Isn’t it because some people have many different accounts?

4. Seven also set records in Korea, America, Japan and even the global market~ Jungkook is amazing

5. But aren’t Thai fans fans…? Why are you guys mocking them?

6. These numbers are weird

7. Looking at the comments, I don’t know what the problem is

8. I guess the fans worked hard

9. Isn’t this the labor of the fans? It’s not illegal, so why are you guys complaining about it?

10. So if fans create many different accounts and use them, it will be counted…;

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