Jungkook’s Surprise Concert in New York Recalls BTS’s Humble Beginnings 9 Years Ago

Jungkook recently surprised fans by holding an impromptu concert in Times Square, New York

On November 9th (local time), BTS’s Jungkook held a guerrilla concert on the TSX stage, an outdoor venue in Times Square Broadway. The location and time were revealed 30 minutes before the concert, and the area around Times Square was filled with crowds gathering to see Jungkook.

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As Jungkook’s voice filled the air during the live performance, fans sang along with him. Jungkook humbly expressed, “It’s an honor to perform in New York Times Square.”

jungkook times square

After Jungkook’s concert, BTS’s first concert in the United States 9 years ago is being talked about again. 

In fact, just 9 years ago, Jungkook was personally handing out handmade flyers to people on the streets in the United States to attract attention.

In 2014, Mnet’s reality show ‘American Hustle Life’ captured BTS’s first concert in the United States. To learn about hip-hop culture, BTS traveled to Los Angeles. As the final mission of the program, BTS promoted the concert by handing out flyers in front of the Madame Tussauds Museum in Hollywood.

At that time, Jungkook, Jimin, V, and others, who were not even 20 years old, struggled to fill 400 seats for the free concert held at the Troubadour venue in West Hollywood. At that time, no one knew who they were.

jungkook times square

After successfully completing the concert at that time, BTS said, “It was our first concert in the United States, and it was really great that so many people came to support us. We were truly happy for your warm welcome.”

Back when BTS was distributing flyers on the streets without a single recognized fan, did they anticipate that they would become the hottest stars in the United States?

BTS is making new history for K-pop, being the first Korean artist to top Billboard Hot 100. Jungkook, the Golden Maknae, entered the Billboard 200 at 2nd place with his solo album ‘Golden,’ released on November 3rd.

Source: insight