JYP Entertainment Confirms TWICE Chaeyoung’s Relationship With Zion T In Official Statement — See Details Here

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The dating reports of Chaeyoung and Zion.T dating are currently stealing the spotlight across the internet and the K-pop community, which caught the attention of JYP Entertainment.

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JYP Entertainment Confirms TWICE Chaeyoung’s Relationship With Zion.T In Brief Statement

On April 5, JYP Entertainment released a brief statement addressing the reports of Chaeyoung dating soloist Zion.T.

TWICE Chaeyoung Reportedly Dating ZionT — How Did the Couple Meet?
(Photo : TWICE Chaeyoung, Zion.T (Dispatch))

According to the agency, the relationship between the two artists is indeed correct, and they are currently dating with good feelings and support for each other.

JYP confirmed, “The two are meeting with feelings for each other and they are supporting one another.”

Earlier on the same day (April 5), Korean news outlets reported that the two singers had been dating for six months. The report also shared that the two met through a mutual acquaintance.

Afterwards, the two started by having a close friendship before becoming a couple.

TWICE Chaeyoung Reportedly Dating ZionT — How Did the Couple Meet?
(Photo : TWICE Chaeyoung, Zion.T (Sports Chosun))

K-Media also shared that the couple were seen enjoying dates around the Hannam-dong and Yeonhui-dong districts. Following the unverified report, Zion.T’s agency THEBLACKLABEL commented on the matter and shared that the agency was still confirming the information.

The dating reveal immediately spread like wildfire across social media platforms and online communities. K-netz and international ONCEs reacted to the news, with many expressing their shock and support for the couple.

  • “What crime did TWICE’s staff commit to deal with dating rumors in the middle of the night twice in a row?”
  • “I can totally see them together. I love Zion.T and Chae seemed okay (minus the shirt controversy) I’m not a real TWICE stan, but I think Zion.T is good and his music is good too.”
  • “As a Chaeyoung stan, I’m so shocked and also not shocked at all! I love you girl! Be happy! As I said about Jihyo’s man, Zion.T better not be weird.”
  • “It feels like SNSD back then having their dating life revealed back to back. It’s totally unexpected but as long as they are happy, it’s good for them.”
  • “I hope he treats her well. Congrats to them!”
  • “Are we reaching the era where dating is not a scandal?”
  • “She loves the skinny boy with atypical style, rock vibe.”






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