JYP Is ‘Giving Up’ on NMIXX Bae? JY Park’s Official Statement Confuses Non-NSWERs

In a recent YouTube upload, Jinyoung Park confused non-NSWERs after releasing an official statement regarding “giving up” on NMIXX Bae. Why?

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On March 5, Park Jinyoung surprised K-pop fans after ASAP Studio’s YouTube channel released a video titled, “[Exclusive] JYP’s Park Jinyoung Big Announcement.”

Upon watching the video, fans who clicked the post with nervous hearts eventually felt relief in their hearts and jokingly called him out for being “unserious.”

What happened?

Park Jinyoung ‘Kicking Out’ NMIXX Bae Surprises Viewers

(Photo : NMIXX – Twitter)
NMIXX Bae concept photo

On this day, J.Y. Park faced the camera and greeted viewers with a grim expression. He then announced:

“Hello, this is Park Jinyoung. JYP Entertainment is officially giving up on NMIXX’s Bae as of today (in the meantime). I hope that you can show off your talent to your heart’s content. That’s the end of JYP’s official announcement.”

When he realized that it was still filming, Park then gave a significant smile to Bae through the camera and left the message:

“Bae, since it has come to this, try to do everything you want to do. But Bae, if you actually do it, it will never be the same as you thought.”

JY Park Surprises NMIXX Bae With ‘Unserious’ Cheering Video for Solo Show ‘Hwipoja’

In the same video, NMIXX Bae appeared with the caption, “Living the second life of the idol given up on by JYP, without knowing what kind of life she will live.”

Bae then commented:

When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be a teacher, too. I’m scared, but I think it’ll be fun.”

Apparently, the official statement is just a prank and part of NMIXX’s Bae solo show teaser!

To support Bae with her new endeavor, Park surprised her with the video filmed without her knowing and through Bubble, the NMIXX member showed appreciation to him.

Knowing the full context, K-pop fans especially non-NSWERs held their chests with relief and wrote comments such as:

  • “This is so unserious, haha.”
  • “Help, this is a dedication to the act for real.”
  • “My heart skipped a beat just now.”
  • “Bye, they took it very seriously.”
  • “J.Y. Park is the most fun CEO ever.”

Meanwhile, the entertainment show, “Hwipoja” led by Bae will follow the concept of a documentary-like vlog that showcases Bae’s journey after “contract termination” with JYP and giving up on becoming an idol.

The show will be released for the first time at 6:30 p.m. KST on March 6th.