JYP Park Jin Young’s comments about idols’ live singing skills are going viral

JYP Park Jin Young’s comments are being reviewed at this time

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“Among the idols nowadays, just give them handheld microphones. Who can sing while dancing? Then that is the survivor”

1. NMIXX is good but what about TWICE?

2. In fact, I know LE SSERAFIM’s songs but not NMIXX’s songs

3. It’s true… It’s true that JYP created NMIXX because they had that thought

4. So why weren’t ITZY and NMIXX successful? ㅠㅠ Please try to plan well

5. That’s what they’re saying to ITZY, and JYP idols’ live performances are so good since ITZY. JYP has elevated idols by paying attention to vocals, especially live vocals. Why are you guys making fun of this?

6. That’s why BLACKPINK survived

7. I think that’s true, but BTS is so popular, but Jimin made a lot of noise for his encore, and Jungkook, who sings well, did well as a solo artist

8. Just look at JYP, TWICE who can’t sing live is famous, but NNMIXX who is good at singing live is not famous

9. Well, isn’t Nayeon the most popular member in TWICE? Nayeon sings live well

10. What about TWICE?

11. However, if the song is not good, it is difficult to show off your skills

12. Please do your best to bring NMIXX to Coachella. From what I see, they are doing so well

13. Popularity has nothing to do with live performance, just look at JYP

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