JYP Reportedly Planned Sound Accidents During NMIXX’s Stage With University Before Festival

NMIXX sang the song “DICE” at Shinhan University Water Festival on May 27th. 

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During the performance, a sound accident occurred and the MR was suddenly turned off. Despite the sudden issue, NMIXX members continued to complete the performance by singing the rest of the song live without getting panicked. 

NMIXX’s excellent live stage received a lot of compliments and loud cheers from the audience. The girl group’s live performance gained even more attention as it happened during the ongoing controversy over idols’ lip-syncing, poor singing skills and bad encore stages. 

However, the sound accident turned out to have been planned. The student council of Shinhan University, which hosted the festival, shared, “NMIXX’s sound accident mid-performance was actually planned in advance”.


After that performance, member Bae went on the fan community Bubble and shared, “I was very surprised when the music suddenly stopped. I was so startled that I couldn’t control my expressions but my body kept moving, so I just continued singing naturally”. In this regard, the student council explained, “As soon as the music stopped, the people in the synergy zone looked at us all at once and wondered if we had made a mistake”.

Knowing this, netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment. Although NMIXX has already gained recognition as a talented group, it was careless to plan such a performance accident, especially when NMIXX’s fellow idols were under fire for performance issues.

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On the other hand, some believe that live stages are much better than AR performances (with pre-recorded vocals). In addition, there are opinions criticizing the student council for disclosing it and asking NMIXX’s agency to explain and take responsibility for the staged sound accident.

Some commented, “They’re still better than other groups who turn on AR and just lip-sync”, “ But it proved that the group performed live”, “Haven’t the members been that  talented since their debut?”, “Should they show off their live singing skills in that way?”, “Didn’t the company plan to compare NMIXX to other idols?”, “Why did the student council reveal the secret about the planned performance?”, “But I guess the members didn’t know anything about the plan”, “I think the agency told the school to do it”, etc.

NMIXX is a six-member girl group under JYP Entertainment. They released their second mini album “Fe3O4: BREAK” in January.